Commercial Waster Transporter Registation and Inspection (Only required to operate in the State of Georgia)

In 2005 Georgia passed into Law, Rules and Regulations for Commercial Waste Pumpers, transporters, and receiving facilities. This Rule effected Companies that Serviced Grease Traps, Grease Interceptors, Grit Traps, Sand Traps and Oil/Water Separators. It required that all Commercial Transporter register with The Environmental Protection Division and for them to obtain an FOG number (example: FOG-000) that would allow them to operate in Georgia on a two year period without re-registering with EPD. Once the Transporter obtained an FOG number from the Environmental Protection Division they were to then register for an inspection of the truck(s) they own and operate with an Local Governing Authority or Municipality on a yearly basis. The Inspections will be at a cost of $250.00 for the first inspection (1st truck) and $100.00 for any additional inspections done to other trucks. Once the truck passed the inspection it was issued the final phase of the FOG number (example: FOG-000-000) that was originally issued from EPD. The FOG Number issued is then to be put on both sides of the vehicle that is viewable. The Law also required that all Transporters use a standardized manifest form across the Entire State of Georgia. The Law requires full pumps on all traps/interceptors pumped in the State of Georgia.

The Southeastern F.O.G Alliance is only a link between EPD and Commercial Transporters wishing to register and get inspected. The Southeastern F.O.G Alliance has no control over who can or cannot operate in Georgia and does not control the issuing of any permits by the Environmental Protection Division. For any questions regarding your permit please direct them to the Environmental Protection Division of Georgia.

There are two steps to registering to become a Commercial Waste Transporter. Please make sure that you follow both steps. This is important so that you are properly registered as a Commercial Waste Transporter. It is also your responsibility to have your registration and inspection data sent over the the Georgia Registration Data Base correctly. Failure to do this will result in your information not getting entered correctly on the Data Base. It is not the Southeastern F.O.G Alliance's Responsibility for failure to provide any information correctly about your company.

Steps to becoming a Georgia Approved Commercial Transporter:

Step #1 - Register with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Step #2 - Request inspection by an LGA or Municipality doing inspections

Step #3 - Have the inspector submit your data to the data base

Failure to complete all three steps will result in your company showing as
non-compliance to the Georgia Law and can be subject to fines.




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